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Question: Do you have anyone on your team that can actually spearhead your company's transition into government contracts, or out of the 8a program? We do.

Put Your Growth in Our Hands for the Next 90 Days  

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Who We Are

C-Level Leasing is a service offered by the team at Contracts and Grants, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in Federal and Defense Acquisitions.

For more than 23 years, CEO Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants team have provided procurement and acquisition support, proposal development, recruitment, staff augmentation, and business development strategy to current and potential government contractors. We are responsible for securing more than $12.2 billion in contract negotiations and awards. And we're still building. 

C-Level Leasing allows businesses to hire one of our Subject Matter Experts (SME) to serve as their dedicated strategist to help them transition their businesses into government contracdting over the course of 90 days. 

Do YOU Need Help Transitioning from the 8a Program? 

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We Can Help, If You Do

Unfortunately, most firms that graduate the 8a Program do not survive because they fail to develop and execute a transition plan. 

That does not have to be you. 

Let our team handle your transition out of the 8a Program while you keep your focus on running and growing your business. 

This is not a warning to stop pursuing 8a contracts. Rather, to consider them one of multiple revenue streams your firm can generate. We can transition you by creating teaming relationships, Mentor-Protégé relationships, and a strong pipeline.

Why Bring in an Expert from C-Level Leasing?

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Simplify the Transition into Government Contracting.

Don’t worry reinventing the wheel, failing fast, or learning as you go. Our seasoned government contracting experts will simplify the work of restructuring, transitioning, and growing your business. 

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Get an Actionable, 90-Day Repositioning Strategy.

C-Level Leasing is designed to provide your team with an actionable plan that will get you on the road to government contracts in just 90 days. Our SMEs specialize in structuring your business to find, win, and successfully perform government contracts.  

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No New Hires. Use Your Existing Team to Win.

You don’t have to rush out and hire new staff members or adding long-term contractors. Your dedicated Subject Matter Expert will tell you the best ways to use your existing talent pool to accomplish your government contracting goals.  

Two Proprietary Tools to Help Us Help You  

Performance Assessment Rating System - PARS

Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS)

PARS is a predictive business rating algorithm that uses uses a weighted scoring system to assess (and predict) your company's strengths and weaknesses. You take a short assessment survey and PARS scores your answers to produce a series of numeric values that rates your business in three key areas: Technical Capabilities, Teaming Suitability, and Government Suitability. 

Teaming Exchange Network for government contractors

Teaming Exchange Network (TEN)

Teaming Exchange Network is a PARS-generated matchmaking system. TEN uses your scores in the three key areas to match your business with the government contracts and subcontracts it is best-suited to perform. That means you don't waste time and other valuable resources pursuing the wrong opportunities. We identify and capture the right opportunities the first time. 

Our Core Services

We have supported a variety of large and small companies, countries, and government agencies. It is our unique experience with multiple customers that makes C-Level Leasing an excellent choice for public and private sector organizations who need help navigating the government contracting and subcontracting terrain. 

  • Business development
  • Proposal support
  • Staffing and recruiting
  • Mobilization strategies
  • Work plans
  • Vetting systems
  • Pricing strategy
  • Cost loading
  • Economic development
  • Procurement and acquisitions
  • Navigating the federal bid process
  • Negotiating teaming agreements
  • Contract administration
  • Performance reviews 
  • Ensuring compliance with local ordinances

Whatever your Next Level of business may be, there is someone from C-Level who can help you get there. 

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